Passionate about people, design, & sustainability.  


Active student, passive coffee enthusiast. 


Henderson Beck 

I am a Junior at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, pursuing my BFA in Studio Art with minors in Sustainability, Urban Studies and Planning. Following my time at Chapel Hill, I plan on pursuing a Masters in Architecture. 

This past summer of 2017 I worked as the Architectural Intern for Jay Corder Architects in Austin, TX. 

On campus, my extracurriculars are heavily influenced by the built environment of my university and creating a better residential experience for on-campus residents. I am an executive member for the two residential organizations at UNC. As the President of the National Residence Hall Honorary, I am focused on facilitating a stronger sense of community among the residence halls. My other role as the Director of Sustainable Projects is to promote a more sustainable campus, through educational initiatives and facilitating sustainable infrastructural alterations within the residence halls. 

As a student, I'm always eager to learn from professionals and leaders within the field of architecture, urban planning, design, and student leadership. I can be contacted directly via cell: (336) 803-2316 or at thbeck@live.unc.edu.